Finca La Bendición / NICARAGUA

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Origin: Nicaragua (Nuova Segovia)
Owner: Luis Moncada
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500-1700 MASL

S • Sweetness: 810
A • Acidity: 610
B • Funkyness: 810
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This coffee lot, grown at an altitude of 1500/1700 masl on the Finca La Bendicion farm, is owned by Luis
Moncada. Luis is an exceptional farmer and an inspiration to many organic farmers, dedicating his life to
improving agriculture in his area. His meticulous selection of ripe fruit and the careful drying process, ensure
a slow drying to avoid uncontrolled fermentation. Bendiciòn means "blessing", in reference to the land, so
rich in biodiversity and abundance of various trees (especially conifers) that it makes coffee cultivation
particularly flourishing.
The coffee variety is called Pacamara, a cross between the Pacas and Maragogipe varieties. Pacas
produces small, easy-to-harvest shrubs, while Maragogipe is known for its large, sweet kernels. Delight
yourself with the floral notes of this coffee, with a rich and sweet body. Notes of cherry, mango and a
balsamic touch of mint stand out.