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Aliena is not just a coffee brand; it is a fascinating journey through space, time, and our perceptions.

Aliena is a Roman roastery founded on September 2021, but our adventure with specialty coffee began in Melbourne in 2010 and continued in London and Berlin, where we honed our skills in high-caliber roasteries like Allpress (in 2012) and The Barn (in 2014). Then, in 2016, driven by a deep passion for coffee and an insatiable desire for research and exploration in the world of hospitality, we returned home and opened our first coffee shop: Faro (follow us on Instagram, @farorome).

Every cup of Aliena tells the story of a distant land, its growers, and the traditions that make each harvest unique and every coffee different.

Aliena’s philosophy revolves around the meticulous research and selection of beans. We use exclusively single-origin coffee, handpicked and carefully selected at the place of cultivation. This attention to detail continues at our tasting tables, where each bean is reselected to ensure superior quality.

Our commitment is to highlight the distinctive notes of coffee as a tropical fruit and its numerous botanical varieties. By emphasizing the characteristics of the terroir and the agricultural practices that make each harvest unique, we celebrate the identity and complexity of every coffee. Quality is at the heart of everything we do; every cup of Aliena coffee reflects dedication and precision, with roasting profiles developed to enhance sweetness and acidity, surpassing simple roasting notes.

Our product lines are designed for coffee lovers who appreciate tasting, experimentation, and complexity. Each variety offers a unique sensory experience, created for those who have a true passion for coffee. Through our offerings, we invite consumers to discover new horizons of taste, experiencing the richness and diversity that only specialty coffee can offer.

Despite the challenges of introducing specialty coffee in a market traditionally oriented towards more classic tastes, we firmly believe that the superior quality and innovation we bring with Aliena can capture the palate and heart of coffee connoisseurs. Our mission is to educate and inspire, showing how coffee can be much more than just a beverage: an experience that celebrates the history, culture, and passion encapsulated in every bean.